Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP)



5 days

Acquire professional certification and develop crucial skills and knowledge essential for excelling in the realm of digital marketing and advertising with the Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP).

Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP)

  • Intermediate
    3 days 
Acquire professional certification and develop crucial skills and knowledge essential for excelling in the realm of digital marketing and advertising with the Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP).

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Gain Competitive Edge and Earn Your Credential as a Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

This comprehensive certification program offers a deep dive into both foundational and cutting-edge concepts across various digital channels and disciplines.

Through hands-on learning experiences, you’ll not only grasp theoretical frameworks but also develop practical skills vital for success in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Whether you’re aiming to kickstart a marketing career or embark on an entrepreneurial journey, this course equips you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel and thrive in the competitive landscape of digital marketing.

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    Learning Objectives

    This course will provide participants an opportunity to understand the fundamental issues and challenges of digital marketing which includes customer psychology and segmentation, derive actionable insights from analytics and leverage digital marketing strategies to drive favorable business outcomes for your organization.

    By the end of the training program, participants will be able to:

    • Demonstrate practical skills in common digital marketing tools such as SEO, SEM, Social media and Blogs
    • Acquire analytical skills to develop digital marketing strategy effectively
    • Use new media such as mobile, online search, and social networking sites, and be able to apply measurement techniques to evaluate digital marketing efforts.
    • Demonstrate the ability to recognize the ongoing trends in global e-commerce markets and technology given the dynamic and rapidly changing digital landscape.
    • Optimize marketing campaigns based on campaign results

    Key Takeaways

    Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    Strategic Planning and
    Campaign Management

    Data Analysis and
    Performance Measurement

    Digital Marketing Tools
    and Technologies

    Continuous Learning
    and Adaptation

    Program Modules

    Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Business Model
    Traditional Business Mindset vs Digital Business Mindset
    Trends in Digital Marketing
    Building your Online Identity

    • Content Marketing Fundamentals
    • Developing a Content Creation Framework
    • Digital Storytelling
    • Planning Content Strategy
    • Measuring and Analyzing Your Content

    Developing Value based Marketing Mentality

    • Developing a Social Media Strategy
    • Building a Content Strategy for Social Media
    • Using Social Media to Build Relationships
    • Social Media Listening and Monitoring
    • Extending Your Reach on Social Media
    • Social Media Advertising Strategies
    • Getting Started with Google Ads
    • Building Your First Google Ads Campaign
    • Targeting Strategies for Your Google Ads
    • Optimizing Google Ads
    • Google Analytics Basics
    • SEO Basics
    • Google Business Profile
    • Keyword Research for SEO
    • On Page and Technical SEO
    • Optimizing Your Website for Results

    current and future business and VUCA adaptability

    • Introduction to Facebook
    • Setting up Facebook Page
    • Engagement with Prospects
    • Soft Sell Technique
    • Hard Sell Technique
    • Teaser Technique
    • Facebook Business Manager
    • Measuring Ads effectiveness
    • Closing Sale Techniques
    • Introduction to Instagram for Business
    • Features and Functions of Instagram
    • Creating successful Instagram Marketing Strategy
    • Creating extraordinary Instagram Content
    • Strategies to get more Instagram followers
    • Setting up Instagram Ads
    • Analyzing Instagram Ads
    • Instagram Video Strategies
    • Introduction to Email Marketing
    • Contact Management and Segmentation Strategy
    • Creating a High-Performing Emails
    • Analyzing Your Marketing Emails
    • Nurturing Leads Using Emails

    a set of values andbeliefs

    • LinkedIn Fundamentals
    • Driving LinkedIn Leads and Engagement
    • LinkedIn Ads
    • LinkedIn Strategies

    Video Marketing

    • Video Production 101
    • Creating Successful Video Marketing Strategy
    • Types of Online Video Content
    • Successful YouTube Strategies using YouTube’s Platform and Algorithm
    • Creating an Optimized YouTube Channel
    • Creating High-Performing Video Content
    • Analyzing & Tracking Video Metrics

    Program Methodology

    A key and unique feature of this programme is that all participants complete a series of self-assessment survey forms, resulting in a detailed profile of personality traits, motivational drivers and competencies. 

    This will enable participants to discover their own preferred cognitive and emotional styles, which in turn can strongly influence the dynamics of thinking and learning relating to this programme.

    Practical Assignments

    We provide hands-on assignments that requires practical implementation

    Interactive Exercises

    Engage in hands-on activities and dynamic simulations to sharpen your skills

    Portfolio Development

    Build comprehensive digital marketing portfolio throughout the program.

    Live Case Studies

    Sharing of experiences and insights through live case studies and interactive sessions

    Peer Collaboration

    Peer-to-peer learning encourages teamwork, communication skills, and diverse perspectives


    Bite-sized modules that participants can consume on-the-go


    This professional certification program is accredited by the Oxbridge Institute of Professional Development (OIPD)-UK, a global, non-profit, assessment and accreditation body. 

    OIPD awards qualifications, up to the equivalent of level 9 of the UK Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and accredits professional certification programs that complies with its stringent quality and competencies benchmarking requirements.

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