We provide a career development framework which includes student career path, skill gap analysis, career development resources and talent tracking. Students get assistance through our platform in identifying extracurricular activities, research, internship and extra learning.

  • Designing career path by sequencing activities
  • Career supports -mentorship, training, research and internship
  • Career development resources
  • Skill gap analysis against role and industry requirements

We build an extensive portfolio with ecosystem which connects students, institutions, mentors, course providers and event organizers for profile data approval, credentials issuing, record insertion, posting assessment results, endorsements and data authentication.

  • Extensive profile with credentials
  • CConnections to mentors, course providers and skill testing agencies
  • Industrial associations including job, project, research and internship
  • Co-curricular activities including membership and volunteer opportunities

GenuineCertificate provides certificate management platform to prepare, generate, print, share and verify Smart Certificate with embedded cloud technology. The state-of-the-art certificate service builds Certificate Ecosystem and ensures security of information and authenticity of certificates being issued.

  • Eliminates fake certificates and fake profiles
  • Protect your brand and credibility
  • Comprehensive credential conveys more about certificates
  • Seamlessly access and share certificates on social media

Remote hiring is on the verge of becoming the new norm. We provide a technology which makes you to view talents across higher education institutions. GenuineIN helps employers in campus recruitment by providing data, credential and analytics.

  • Integrated talent pool connected with hundreds educational institutions
  • AI based search engine with job fitness
  • Personal employability rating and key performance indicators
  • Student mentoring, training and internship opportunities

An integrated online examination system for conducting university examination, recruitment test, eligibility test, skill test and subject test. The service includes distributed authoring of question, centralized question bank, question paper template, question paper generation and electronic delivery system through secure network.

  • Subjective and objective type of examinations
  • Strong Question bank with 100 thousand questions
  • Intelligent test engine to generate question paper with more controls
  • Automatic result processing and moderation features

We provide a mentor program for graduate students in association with mentors who are professionals in their respective industries. Students can get connected with the right mentor for achieving personal, professional and academic goals.

  • Mentors with diversified domain experiences
  • Mentor-student collaboration and resource sharing
  • Career development and enhancement
  • Discover new options and opportunities

We provide an online market place to host skill assessment programs to evaluate personality, learning, knowledge and employability skills of individual. SkillChecker is available for almost every skills required by the industries. Candidates can take self-test to assess their strength, weakness and understand role readiness. Test outcome will be recorded into genuine portfolio.

  • Online market place to provide all types of skill test programs
  • Program hosting and management functionality
  • Strong question bank to assess skills effectively
  • Integrated with personal portfolio to store Genuine Skill Rating(GSR)

Talent Tracker connects institution, employers and students for career development and effective tracking. It enables academic institutions to share student portfolios to employers for job placement and career enhancement.

  • Facilitates to link institution, employers and students
  • Instant access to student portfolio, skills, competencies and key performance indicators
  • Student skill analytics, job role performance and network information
  • Job services, portfolios sharing, record verification

Student Recruiter is bridging students and international education provider to meet their respective requirements. A comprehensive service to publish admission details, promote to student community, application processing, data screening and branding exercises.

  • Institution and free course listing
  • Notifications to students and needy people
  • Application generation and eligibility checking
  • Enhanced partnership opportunities

Platform Features